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Sustainability Policy

For the InfoCamere Group sustainability - in the form of environmental, corporate, economic
responsibility and widespread, shared innovation - is a basic principle of corporate activity, to be
applied across all areas of the company and shared with its stakeholders.
Sustainability strategy, which is integrated in the Group’s business model, allows InfoCamere to work
in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals - 2030 Agenda, signed by Italy and pertaining to the
institutional activities managed

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Employee well-being

The InfoCamere Group guarantees the well-being of its employees by offering them comfortable workplaces designed to safeguard personal dignity, freedom and mutual respect.. No form of discrimination, harassment or abuse are tolerated.
In this context, the principles of equal opportunities and equal treatment are acknowledged through the enhancement of differences in gender, culture, religion and ethnicity. Policies to prevent and contrast gender gaps are actively promoted, together with policies to support the employment of disabled persons and health and safety issues.

Support for communities

The group encourages dialogue and co-operation between its Stakeholders aimed at cultural, social and sustainable development, making available physical and virtual spaces.
Its helps to train young students, offering paths that facilitate the connection between Schools/Universities and the labour market and taking part in university research activities.

Reduction in environmental impact

The InfoCamere Group promotes protection of the environment by determining the impacts connected to its activities and prioritizing re-use and re-cycling of materials over disposal.
Consumption of resources and energy is monitored, setting measurable environmental goals.


The principles of environmental safeguarding are also disseminated through internal communication systems aimed at involving and empowering employees and other Stakeholders.

Business integrity

The InfoCamere Group has structured and organic system of guidelines, rules and procedures to be applied when carrying out the institutional tasks assigned, to promote anti-corruption.
Good behaviour in line with the highest ethical standards is promoted, ensuring respect for the law and for relevant internal regulations.
The Group is committed to guarantee quality, information security and privacy, governing the complexities associated with its business through certified corporate Management Systems to ensure continual improvement of its operations.

Dissemination of sustainability principles

The InfoCamere Group believes in responsible provisioning, reconciling the economics of the purchasing process with social and environmental goals.
It applies values of transparency, impartiality and good business practice, while respecting current regulations on public tenders.
It disseminates principles of sustainable development to its Stakeholders, encouraging them to take responsible actions when carrying out their own activities.

Technology for simplification

The InfoCamere Group believes in sharing and disseminating innovation in response to the needs and evolutionary changes in citizens and businesses, which are accompanied with high technology content services and evolved tools.


It designs and develops solutions to simplify the relations between businesses and the Public Administration and ensure favourable conditions for the ongoing evolution and transformation of business activities, working to support the growth of the National Economy.

Our Stakeholders

Well aware of its institutional and social role, the InfoCamere Group builds a transparent and collaborative relationship with its stakeholders.

Analysis of the territory within which it operates has resulted in a map of the stakeholders with which it interacts while carrying out its business activities, so that its actions to involve and listen can be directed toward them, ensuring mutual growth.

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Sustainability Plan

The InfoCamere Group Sustainability Plan translates the values expressed in the Sustainability Policy into concrete actions. It is a tool that encourages growth and ongoing
improvement of performance, making it an important means of dissemination to all our stakeholders, essential to communicate our commitment and actions on sustainability
The aims of the Plan relate to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, and complete the Group’s contribution to change inspired by sustainable principles.

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Sustainability Report

For the InfoCamere Group, Sustainability is a constant commitment for the best interpretation of the present and to innovate the future.

Our Platform, People, Place and Planet guidelines are our contribution to achieving the more sustainable social, economic and environmental balance, necessary to ensure a better future for the next generations.

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Commitment and innovation


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