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People and their skills are are most important strategic asset. For this reason the InfoCamere professional system rewards the skills of each person, encouraging the professional growth of the group and the individual in a collaborative, dynamic working environment centring around corporate social responsibility.


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Working at InfoCamere


Innovation is the mandate that InfoCamere has received from the Chambers of Commerce and has always pursued in a pioneering manner over the years, with the aim of anticipating future technological scenarios.


In order to grow the skills of those working with us we stress inter-functional co-operation, in the conviction that working in a team and the intermixing of different professions stimulates creativity and improves the performance of all.


Every year the company makes significant investments in research and development, aware of the fact that innovating means growing through experimentation as well.


Thanks to ongoing customised training, group training opportunities and the circular nature of roles, we support the growth of everybody, in the conviction that innovating is also a way of growing professionally.

Reconciliation of working and private life

Investing in people means growing the Company. Our corporate welfare centres around smart working, flexible working hours, healthcare and fringe benefits, to help workers reconcile their working and private lives.

Gender equality

InfoCamere is certified for gender equality pursuant to UNI/PDR 125:2022. Through policies and practices that aim to guarantee equal opportunities and eliminate discrimination, we are actively committed to gender equality.

The areas of InfoCamere

sviluppo software copia
Software Development

If you accept the challenge of developing powerful, robust, increasingly intelligent and simple-to-use software, it is you we are looking for. Discover the positions vacant to support the Italian economic system.

Data Center Management

The Chambers of Commerce central archive, based on a logic of sustainability, is constantly evolving with latest generation technology. Are you a technologist? Join our team.

Information Technology Security

We pursue the best levels of information technology security for databases of national interest, with continual improvement of the Information Security position. If your priority is to keep information safe and you know all the tools used to do that, join the group.

Commercial areas

Reliability, prompt action, clarity, innovation: this is the support that InfoCamere, through its services, provides to the Italian Chambers of Commerce. If you want to give an important contribution within the territory, send us your CV and put yourself into play.

Area Staff copia
Staff area

To manage a complex technical soul it takes specific skills and enterprising, flexible teams in the legal, administrative and human resources areas. If you find looking at broad, articulated situations stimulating, take a look at the positions vacant.

Selection process

Every selection is active until the date on which the relevant notice expires, or until the maximum number of candidates indicated in each notice is reached, based on the order in which they were received.

The selection process involves individual interviews with an Examining Committee, which may be preceded by other selection tests (for example technical tests, role playing, presentation videos, etc.), also dependent on the number of candidates applying. The maximum points achievable for each professional skill and for the selection tests envisaged are specified in every selection notice. The minimum score to be admitted to the list of suitable candidates for the position is 60/100. These lists are valid for a maximum of 12 months. The selection phases are carried out by an Examining Committee, as foreseen by InfoCamere SCpA’s Rules for Staff Recruitment.

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