For InfoCamere, to innovate means to grow and encourage responsible behaviour both inside and outside the company in order to continue growing while pursuing sustainable development. To learn more about the InfoCamere sustainability values, read our Policy and Sustainability Plan.

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We are extending the knowledge base
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Report Highlights

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Sustainability Report 2020
Report for Previous Years

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Sustainability Policy

Politica di sostenibilità testo

For the InfoCamere Group, Sustainability is a fundamental principle of corporate actions, to be applied across all business areas and shared with our stakeholders.

The new InfoCamere Group Sustainability Policy, while firmly maintaining the values of social, economic and environmental responsibility, highlights the principle of innovation that is open and accessible to all and the Groups commitment to disseminating this value, in order to offer greater levels of competitiveness to Italian businesses and respond to the needs of people and to evolutionary change.

The Group is committed to supporting the development of new services and contributing to the study and promotion of innovative projects, through initiatives with a high technological content.

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La responsabilità sociale

Social responsibility

Our values

InfoCamere considers people to be a real asset. It promotes respect for work and the well-being of its employees, offering a comfortable workplace underpinned by protecting people's dignity, in which the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment is fully recognised, actively respecting differences in gender, culture, religion and ethnicity.

It encourages mutual respect of people’s rights and freedoms. It does not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying.

It supports an active policy, the aim of which is to ensure workplace health and safety, compliance with applicable legislation and the protection, safety and dignity of human beings.

Governance e responsabilità economica

Governance and economic responsibility

Our values

Respecting the value of business integrity, it builds and maintains a structured and organised system of guiding principles, rules and operating procedures to be adopted as part of its business activities in order to prevent illegal conduct and behaviour and to comply with the highest ethical standards.

It promotes conduct aimed at combating corruption and operating in compliance with laws and the applicable regulations in this field.
It manages relations with the supply chain according to the principles of transparency, impartiality and correctness and in compliance with applicable legislation in the field of public procurement.
It incentivises sustainable behaviour among partners operating both upstream and downstream of the supply chain.


La responsabilità ambientale

Environmental responsibility

Our values

InfoCamere encourages in-house communication systems to involve and encourage its employees to take responsibility for environmental protection issues.

It monitors consumption of resources and energy, continuously setting new environmental targets that are quantified and measurable.
It promotes environmental protection, calculating and checking the environmental impacts of its work, whether direct, indirect or relative to upstream or downstream suppliers, favouring recycling over disposal.

Innovazione diffusa e condivisa

Sharing and spreading innovation

Our values

InfoCamere Group believes in sharing and spreading innovation in order to meet people’s needs and address evolutionary change. 


It endeavours to make innovation open and accessible for everyone. It also works to make innovation dynamic, bridging the gap between Italy and other countries, helping Italian companies to become more competitive. 


Through hi-tech initiatives and cutting-edge tools, it is committed to supporting the development of new services, identifying room for improvement and contributing to the study and promotion of innovative projects. 

Piano 2020-2021 (nuova versione)

2020-2021 Plan
Practising Sustainability at InfoCamere
The InfoCamere Group Sustainability Plan 2020-2021 aims to translate the values expressed in the Sustainability Policy into concrete actions, stimulating the commitment to ongoing improvements in performance that will provide a tangible contribution towards buildinga sustainable world.

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The Plan is a means of integrating sustainability in business actions.
The Plan is an encouragement for growth, for continual improvement of performance and reputation.
The Plan is a trait d’union between all the corporate areas and encourages to work on common goals.
The Plan is a means of making all stakeholders aware of our commitment to sustainability.


Training and developing human resources

General Objective 1

Scope of action: Enhance human capital

  • Define and implement an employee training programme spanning a number of years

  • Review the professional system for all company roles

  • Make the relationship between employees and the Public Administration easier

  • Enhance and recruit new talent

Definizione e implementazione di un programma di formazione pluriennale per il personale
Valorizzazione e inserimento di nuovi talenti
Revisione del sistema professionale per tutti i ruoli aziendali
Facilitare il rapporto del personale con le Pubbliche Amministrazioni

Scope of action: Well-being of human resources

  • Issue subsidised loans to employees

  • Support initiatives to help employees strike the right work-life balance

  • Organise meetings to provide training and raise awareness on healthy lifestyles and prevention

  • Involve employees and meet their expectations

Erogazione di prestiti agevolati al personale
Supporto iniziative di sostegno al work life balance per il personale
Organizzazione di incontri di formazionee sensibilizzazione sul tema degli stili di vita sani e della prevenzione
Coinvolgere i dipendenti e soddisfare le loro aspettative

Macro obiettivo 2

Sustainable reconfiguration of the company and incentives to use clean energy

General objective 2

Scope of action: Sustainable reconfiguration of the company

  • Increase the energy efficiency of the company's buildings

  • Contribute to reducing environmental impact

  • Consume electricity from renewable sources

  • Review the company's work spaces

  • Maintain environmental certification with reference to the EMAS-SQC standard and 14001 certification

  • Digitalise processes

  • Replace paper documents with paperless equivalents

  • Modernise company cars, replacing them with vehicles with a lower environmental impact

  • Commitment to employees’ health and safety

Aumento efficienza energetica degli immobili aziendali
Contributo alla diminuzione dell'impatto ambientale
Consumo di energia elettrica derivante da fonti rinnovabili
Revisione degli spazi di lavoro aziendali
Mantenimento della certificazione ambientale in riferimento alla norma EMAS-SQC e certificazione 14001
Digitalizzazione dei processi
Dematerializzazione dei documenti cartacei
Ammodernare la flotta aziendale con macchine a basso impatto ambientale
Impegno per la salute e sicurezza del personale

Scope of action: Provide employees with incentives to use renewable energy

  • Promote environmentally friendly conduct among employees

  • Assess solutions and incentives for sustainable mobility

Promozione di comportamenti ecologici tra i dipendenti
Valutazione soluzioni e offerta incentivi per mobilità sostenibile

Macro obiettivo 3

Integrated management of sustainability

General objective 3

Scope of action: Implement an integrated management system for sustainability, which includes both environmental and social aspects in business decisions

  • Identify a sustainability representative within the company

  • Fine-tune the materiality matrix

  • Assess whether to obtain external certification from an audit firm for the Sustainability Report and implement a more efficient system to collect the data reported, with a view to achieving said certification

  • Assess the feasibility of an InfoCamere Impact Analysis study

  • Assess the possibility to join ASVIS (Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development)

Individuazione di un referente per la sostenibilità all’interno dell’azienda
Affinamento della matrice di Materialità
Valutazione ottenimento attestazione esterna da parte di una società di revisione sul Bilancio di Sostenibilità e implementazione di un sistema più efficiente di raccolta dei dati da rendicontare in ottica dell’attestazione
Valutazione della fattibilità di uno studio di Impact Analysis di InfoCamere
Valutazione possibilità di associazione all’ASVIS

Scope of action: Spread a «culture of sustainability» among the company’s stakeholders

  • Spread a «culture of sustainability» among employees

  • Promote company voluntary work, redevelop the local area and promote forest restoration

Diffusione della «cultura della sostenibilità» verso il personale
Promozione del volontariato aziendale, riqualificazione del territorio e promozione del ripristino delle foreste

Macro obiettivo 4

Responsible supply chain

General objective 4

Scope of action: Promote a culture of “responsible procurement”

  • Implement a responsible procurement policy

  • Include sustainability criteria in tender procedures

Implementazione di una policy aziendale sull’approvvigionamento responsabile
Promozione di buone pratiche di sostenibilità presso i fornitori

Scope of action: Promote and involve customers in commitments for a sustainable future

  • ICONTO: Actions targeting customers and users aimed at incentivising sustainable practices

ICONTO: Azioni, rivolte a clienti e utenti, atte ad incentivare pratiche sostenibili

Commitment to combat corruption and abuses of power

Commitment to combat corruption and abuses of power

General objective 5

Scope of action: Commitment to combat corruption and abuses of power

  • Renew legality rating
  • Implement a policy to protect human rights
  • Update the “231/01 Model” (Code of Ethics) with reference to the issue of sustainability
Rinnovo Rating di legalità
Implementazione di una policy sulla tutela dei diritti umani
Aggiornamento del modello 231/01 (Codice Etico) con riferimenti al tema della sostenibilità

Macro obiettivo 6

Technology and innovation

General objective 6

Scope of action: Technology and innovation

  • Keep investing a lot in technological innovation
  • Continuous commitment to maintain and improve service continuity
  • Maintain high service levels for applications
Mantenimento di alti investimenti in innovazione tecnologica
Continuo impegno per il mantenimento e miglioramento della continuità dei servizi
Mantenimento di alti livelli di servizio delle applicazioni

Highlights di Sostenibilità 2020 section 2

Sustainability Highlights 2020

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InfoCamere’s work on ESG questions means that 61% of the actions envisaged in the 2020/2021 Sustainability Plan have been achieved. Look at the results


Our activities serving innovation and knowledge

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InfoCamere is the digital compass for businesses and the Public Administration, thanks to technological infrastructure and innovative services.
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during the health emergency
Chambers of Commerce
System Treasury service
Digital transformation
of teller services
New platforms: Social Lending and SiBonus

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The well-being and growth of our people

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InfoCamere promotes the well-being of people by giving value to skills and providing Company Welfare services for all employees.
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smart workers in response to the health emergency
of the joint man-hour
and webinars for a culture of sustainability
27,010 hours
of training and
a kit for newly hired employees

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The meeting places

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InfoCamere means meeting and collaboration, both in physical and virtual areas.
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of places,
street art, plants and gardens
Dialogue with Universities
and the student
Social media,
webinars, virtual meeting places to talk about InfoCamere  

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Reduction in the environmental impact of our activities

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InfoCamere helps to protect the environment through sustainable reconfiguration of its activities: from energy consumption, to the choice and management of materials, passing via mobility.
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Solar plant producing 140,000 KWh of clean energy  
in plastic
and paper

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