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Our Mission

InfoCamere is the digital innovation company for the Italian Chambers of Commerce. Starting from the management of the Companies Register- Italy's economic registry - we provide technologically advanced¬ services to support our partners, meeting the needs of entrepreneurs, professionals and citizens in a context of continuously evolving economic and regulatory systems¬. We design and develop solutions to simplify¬ the relationship between companies and the Public Administration and to ensure favourable conditions for businesses to continuously evolve and transform, supporting Italy's competitive landscape.



Our Vision

For InfoCamere, innovation is all about empowering, shared and widespread knowledge. Every day, we are passionately committed to turning our vision of the future into a reality, in order to best support companies in their growth. By investing in human resources (People), technological platforms (Platforms), workplaces (Places) and environmental policies (Planet), we boost our energy levels, enabling us to continue to anticipate the future and drive change and sustainable development. Our ambition is to convey, within our range of services, the profound meaning of what we do and what we want to be.

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What we do



Since 1993 we have been managing the Telematic Business Register (, one of the first entirely computerised European registers, a national public economic register. By digitising the Chamber of Commerce information, we give businesses, professionals, citizens and the public administration easy access to the Business Register, both to carry out the administrative tasks required by legislation, and to draw on the public data it contains, thus promoting the broader spread of a digital business-oriented culture. We manage chamber data through a "Cloud" based in the Operational Data Centre of Padua, connected to the offices of the Italian Chambers of Commerce through a data network that unites the entire national territory. At the same time, in Milan, a second Data Centre serves as a Disaster Recovery Centre and second Network Access Point. On behalf of the Chamber System, we create state-of-the-art services aimed at boosting the competitiveness and growth of the entrepreneurial fabric and a simpler, less burdensome relationship with the PA. To do this, we have always invested in the ability to govern complex processes, drawing on skills that have enabled us to design and manage cutting-edge tools and solutions such as, for example, digital signatures, Certified Electronic Mail and the portal. In the perspective of increasingly wider digital inclusion, we also study mobile first solutions, to make our services usable in a simple, safe and intuitive way, promoting the culture and potential of digital identity. With this in mind, the electronic invoicing service for SMEs and the platform were born to access the entrepreneur's digital drawer and the wireless token for mobile management of digital identity. Our processes, services and management systems are certified. We have developed and adopted an organisational model based on administrative responsibility (Legislative Decree 231/01) and a related Code of Ethics. On 1st January 2020, the merger by incorporation of DigiCamere - the technology company belonging to the Lombardy chamber of commerce - into InfoCamere was completed. Integration between these two companies has a dual purpose: on the one hand, it aims to optimise the range of services on offer and make them more efficient, to the benefit of Lombardy’s chamber of commerce and entrepreneurial system, and on the other, it is set to further enhance the range of solutions that InfoCamere makes available to Italy’s entire chamber of commerce system and the public administration, helping these organisations to simplify their relations with companies.



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