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People and their skills are our most important strategic asset. That is why InfoCamere’s professional system rewards the skills of each person, encouraging professional growth in the group and the individual in a collaborative, dynamic working environment that centres around corporate social responsibility.


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Reconcile work and private life
at InfoCamere

For us, investing in people means making the Company grow, creating conditions that help our employees reconcile their professional and private lives. That is why we have developed a corporate welfare system that centres around smart working, flexible working hours, health care and fringe benefits, in order to support employees in their search for an optimum work-life balance.

Growing at InfoCamere

We count on inter-function co-operation to grow the skills of those who work with us, in the conviction that teamwork and cross-contamination between the various professions stimulates creativity and improves everybody’s performance. We also support individual growth, through ongoing personalised training, group training events and the circular nature of roles, in the conviction that professional growth also lies in innovation.



Innovating at InfoCamere

Innovation is the order that InfoCamere has received from the Chambers of Commerce, and we have been pioneering its pursuit over the years. Every year, the Company invests heavily in research and development in order to keep ahead of future technological scenarios, aware of the fact that innovation also means growing through experimentation.