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null Timeline primi 10 anni

1974 - At InfoCamere..

On the morning of December 20th, the articles of association of C.E.R.V.E.D. S.p.A. (Centro Elettronico Regionale Veneto Elaborazione Dati - Veneto Regional Electronic Data Processing Centre) were drawn up. The first registers to go on line were those for the Padua and Turin Chambers of Commerce.

Nello stesso anno..

Italian Referendum on Divorce, death of Pompidou, the Red Brigade kidnap Sossi, Watergate scandal, Carnation Revolution in Portugal, end of the Regime of the Colonels in Greece - The Sting, The Exorcist.


Birth of the first Cerved database: IBIS (International Business Information System) “150,000... importers in 126 Countries, above all emerging ones”, as the report by the Board of Directors of the time describes it.

Nello stesso anno..

maiden flight of Concorde, death of Francisco Franco, death of Pasolini, Nobel prize awarded to Montale, first free radios, Amarcord wins the Oscar.


First balanced budget for Cerved

Nello stesso anno..

Pol Pot deposed, Khomeini rises to power, Valpreda acquitted, Tanassi condemned, URSS invades Afghanistan - Mennea runs 19" 72, The Deer Hunter, Alien.


Following a management buy out, Michele Cinaglia (General Manager of Cerved) founds Engineering Ingegneria Informatica.

Nello stesso anno..

Ustica Massacre, Walter Tobagi murdered by the Red Brigade, Solidarnosc, march of the 40,000, earthquake in Irpinia, Moscow Olympics boycotted, The Name of the Rose published, Apocalypse Now.


Birth of Movimprese the quarterly statistical analysis of business birth/death rate based on data from the Business Register.

Nello stesso anno..

Death of Brezhnev, Falklands war, Commodore 64 on sale at $595, first Compact Disc, ET, Blade Runner.


Creation of Ecocerved, the Chamber of Commerce company for information systems for the environment.

Nello stesso anno..

Birth of the Turin Book Fair, Ramstein, Senna wins his first world title, Babette's Feast, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.


The arrival of the RATIO software profoundly changes the way CERVED databases are interrogated. A single browsing system for a complete view of the information on businesses.

Nello stesso anno..

The Berlin Wall falls on November 9th, Tienanmen Square, birth of the WWW, fall of Ceausescu in Romania, Rain Man, A Fish Called Wanda.


Start of the SESAMO project, allowing the distribution of Chamber of Commerce registration details and certificates via an unmanned ATM (Automated Teller Machine).

Nello stesso anno..

Birth of the European Union: Italy signs the Maastricht Treaty, Cossiga and Gladio, Mandela freed, Germany reunited, end of the Thatcher era, end of PCI, Windows 3.0, Dances with Wolves, Dead Poets Society, Cinema Paradiso.


Birth of InfoCamere, S.C.p.A., a spin-off from Cerved S.p.A.

Nello stesso anno..

Srebrenica massacre, Andreotti trial, extradition of Priebke, Prodi and Veltroni found the Ulivo party, Windows 95, Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, The Lion King.