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null The second 20 years

The second 20 years

A new beginning (1995-2015)

During the past twenty years we have built up an avant garde business and organisational point of excellence that lies, on our country's development map, at the crossroads between enterprise, public administration and the market.
At the start of the 'Nineties, acceleration of global competition and the challenges to bring Italy into the modern world changed the balance of this scenario. With the 1993 Reform law, the Chambers of Commerce changed their appearance, and their technological heart was also renewed.
From Cerved came InfoCamere, which took up the challenge of creating the Business Register. Envisaged by the Italian Civil Code since 1942 but never implemented previously, the result was finally achieved in just two years, one years ahead of schedule: the first example in Europe of a fully telematic public business register came into being.
This challenge was followed by others, those of 'digital signature', 'certified e-mail', 'single notice' (...).
Through InfoCamere, digital intermediate technology and services became available on a day-to-day basis for the business and professional community, contaminating the working habits of thousands of Italians and stimulating innovation processes in the public administration.



Today, around the Business Register, we have built up services that help the Chambers of Commerce to:

  • simplify the processes between businesses and the Public Administration, encouraging the growth of a widespread digital culture in businesses and professions
  • help businesses to open, grow and become competitive
  • guarantee everyone has access to up-to-date, official and reliable information on the economy and businesses


It is thanks also to this ongoing commitment to investing in technology that the Chambers of Commerce have today become the "digital home" of businesses. A home that is open to everybody, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.