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null The first 20 years

The first 20 years

The origins (1974-1994)

Forty years ago the Padua Chambers of Commerce started our adventure by giving a visionary interpretation to its role as custodian of the personal details and administrative information for businesses in the province.

For Mario Volpato the newly-elected chairman, collecting and keeping all that data in paper form - as had been done since the middle ages and the times of the merchant communities, the “universitas mercatorum” - was no longer sufficient to guarantee market efficiency and to stimulate economic development.

Early information technology was opening new horizons in rapid, mass data processing. It was finally possible to envisage intelligent management of administrative information regarding the lives of businesses, transforming that information into data that could be processed and used in new ways by everybody
The idea of enhancing the value of data provided by businesses was born, with the data being returned to the market and to the businesses themselves as information that could be used to increase competitiveness and plan development.
The seed of efficiency was sown in Chamber of Commerce organisation, a new foundation on which to build a clear and advantageous agreement between businesses and the Public Administration.
Since then, we have helped write important chapters in the history of innovation in our country. The heirs to a vision of the future that makes us respond to the needs of today, while imagining the solutions of tomorrow.