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Innovare è Crescere

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Innovare è Crescere


Innovare è Crescere

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The value of official information

For over 40 years we have been managing the official data for Italian businesses on behalf of the Chambers of Commerce, making the data available to the market, to professionals and to the Public Administration and creating value for the Country.
Source INI-PEC
5. 000.000

Certified Email Addresses to consult

Source Business Register
6. 000.000

Italian businesses to find

Source #italyfroniers
8. 000

Innovative Start-ups to discover

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856. 000

Invoices sent to PA free of charge


Using secure, easy-to-use on line systems, we collect the data from businesses and enrich it with data from other public sources, simplifying relations between businesses and the PA.

Business Register

A means of ensuring administrative transparency, a source of data that is official, reliable and guaranteed by law. The Digital Administration Code describes it as one of the "databases of national interest".


The One-Stop Business Advisory Centre (SUAP): a single on line access point to fulfil obligations to municipal authorities and other administrations. A platform to manage case files electronically in a secure, simple and transparent way.


Supporting the growth of the Country also means reducing the burden of bureaucratic expenses for companies, ensuring ideal conditions for the start-up and evolution of businesses. Thanks to ComUnica, you can talk on line to the PA and send documents all in one step.


Every piece of data collected must be carefully verified and checked by the Chambers of Commerce before being filed and made available to all through our technology infrastructures.

The Chambers of Commerce and us

The mission of the Chambers of Commerce is to look after the general interests of the production system, promoting local growth and transparency. This is achieved through InfoCamere.

Data Center

A single central archive that covers the whole of Italy, the technological crossroads for a constant flow of digital data that keeps, manages and connects data and information from the entire Italian Chamber of Commerce System.


We analyse complex systems and processes to draw up and develop innovative organisational models, capable of responding to different co-operation needs.


Today, simple, fast and safe access to up-to-date and reliable information is the first essential for business competitivity.

Business Register

Our ability to combine a growing number of sources and the constant attention of the Chambers of Commerce to quality have made the Business Register a genuine information Hub for data on the Italian economy.


Integrated with the information from the Business Register, INI-Pec is the National Index that houses the Certified E-mail addresses of the Businesses and Professionals working in Italy.


A free bilingual platform in which the profiles of all Italian innovative start-ups and SMEs are present and can be searched. A portal from which it is also possible to create an innovative start-up online without the need for a notarial deed, using a digital signature.