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null Casa dei dati - Il nostro Data Center

Our Data Center

A true latest generation open Cloud environment. A Virtual Data Center in constant evolution, which gives rise to centrally supplied services provided via internet and intranet.

All the Padua DPC services are delivered using a high reliability logical and physical architecture that operates continuously. The Data Center is protected by Continuous Availability and Disaster Recovery architecture. Approximately 100,000 controls a day in a strongly automated environment guarantee 114 Million operations and currently make use of dedicated, high reliability Gigabit Ethernet optical fibre lines with dual operator. The physical and logical security of the sites is guaranteed by 24/7 protection with CCTV perimeter controls. Accesses are checked using badge readers and biometric devices. Over 5,000 sensors to control physical parameters: temperature, humidity, anti-intrusion, fire-prevention, power supply-air conditioning status. The data protection and conservation systems comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 Certification.