For InfoCamere, to innovate means to grow and encourage responsible behaviour both inside and outside the company in order to continue growing while pursuing sustainable development. To learn more about the InfoCamere sustainability values, read our Policy and Sustainability Plan.

For InfoCamere, to innovate means to grow and encourage responsible behaviour both inside and outside the company in order to continue growing while pursuing sustainable development.
To learn more about the InfoCamere sustainability values, read our Policy and Sustainability Plan.

To innovate how we do business, providing incentives for responsible behaviour both inside and outside the company, in order to grow through sustainable development.

Sustainability Policy

Sustainability underpins all of InfoCamere Group’s activities and this principle is applied across the board, in all departments, as well as being shared with all stakeholders.

InfoCamere Group's new Sustainability Policy sets in stone the values of social, economic and environmental responsibility, highlighting the principle that innovation should be open and accessible for everyone. It also confirms the Group’s commitment to sharing this value, allowing Italian companies to become more competitive, meeting people’s needs and addressing evolutionary change.

In fact, through hi-tech initiatives, the Group is committed to supporting the development of new services and contributing to the study and promotion of innovative projects.



Social responsibility

Our values

InfoCamere considers people to be a real asset. It promotes respect for work and the well-being of its employees, offering a comfortable workplace underpinned by protecting people's dignity, in which the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment is fully recognised, actively respecting differences in gender, culture, religion and ethnicity.

It encourages mutual respect of people’s rights and freedoms. It does not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying.

It supports an active policy, the aim of which is to ensure workplace health and safety, compliance with applicable legislation and the protection, safety and dignity of human beings.

Governance and economic responsibility

Our values

Respecting the value of business integrity, it builds and maintains a structured and organised system of guiding principles, rules and operating procedures to be adopted as part of its business activities in order to prevent illegal conduct and behaviour and to comply with the highest ethical standards.

It promotes conduct aimed at combating corruption and operating in compliance with laws and the applicable regulations in this field.
It manages relations with the supply chain according to the principles of transparency, impartiality and correctness and in compliance with applicable legislation in the field of public procurement.
It incentivises sustainable behaviour among partners operating both upstream and downstream of the supply chain.


Environmental responsibility

Our values

InfoCamere encourages in-house communication systems to involve and encourage its employees to take responsibility for environmental protection issues.

It monitors consumption of resources and energy, continuously setting new environmental targets that are quantified and measurable.
It promotes environmental protection, calculating and checking the environmental impacts of its work, whether direct, indirect or relative to upstream or downstream suppliers, favouring recycling over disposal.

Sharing and spreading innovation

Our values

InfoCamere Group believes insharing and spreading innovationin order to meet people’s needs and address evolutionary change. 


It endeavours to makeinnovation open and accessible for everyone. It also works to make innovation dynamic , bridging the gap between Italy and other countries, helping Italian companies to become more competitive. 


Through hi-tech initiatives and cutting-edge tools, it is committed to supporting the development of new services, identifying room for improvement and contributing to the study and promotion of innovative projects. 

2020-2021 Sustainability Plan

Sustainability in practice at InfoCamere

The aim of InfoCamere Group's 2020-2021 Sustainability Plan is to transform the values included in its Sustainability Policy into concrete action, encouraging commitment to continuous performance improvement in order to make a tangible contribution towards building a sustainable world. 

The values of InfoCamere Group’s Sustainability Plan


The Sustainability Plan is a tool that allows the Group to integrate sustainability into its business.


The Sustainability Plan boosts growth, continuous performance improvement and the Group's reputation.


The Sustainability Plan brings together all company departments, encouraging them to work towards common goals in an integrated way.


The Sustainability Plan is a way of informing stakeholders about our commitment to sustainability.

General Objective 1

Personnel training and development

Scope of action: Enhance human capital

  • Define and implement an employee training programme spanning a number of years
  • Recruit new talent: hire young graduates and school leavers
  • Share the objectives, vision and mission of the general management with employees
  • Draw up an Assessment Plan for supervisors of the various company departments
  • Carry out an audit of the professional system for all roles within InfoCamere
  • Audit the system used to assign objectives to junior and senior managers
  • Agreements with schools and universities: Master's, internships, seminars, taking part in “Career Days”, and the possibility to alternate between school and work
  • Retrain personnel, investing in automating activities with low added value
  • Increase employees’ sense of belonging
  • Make the relationship between employees and the Public Administration easier
  • Initiatives to make it easier for young “NEETs” to receive training and enter the world of work

Scope of action: Employee well-being

  • Implement the welfare plan dedicated to employees and related services
  • Apply the Smart Working project for a significant number of employees
  • Issue subsidised loans to employees
  • Support initiatives to help employees with their work-life balance, especially those with children, encouraging family members to get to know the company through dedicated visits
  • Assess and define an action plan to prevent work-related stress, further improve the workplace and spread a culture of well-being and healthy lifestyles
  • Draw up agreements for supportive working hours, incentivising solidarity between employees

General objective 2

Sustainable reconfiguration of the company and incentives to use clean energy

Scope of action: Sustainable reconfiguration of the company

  • Transfer the offices in Bari to another location with less energy consumption, more efficient systems and a more comfortable working environment for employees
  • Produce part of the electricity consumed by installing photovoltaic panels
  • Increase the energy efficiency of company offices and office equipment
  • Review the company's work spaces (open space)
  • Digitalise processes
  • Replace paper documents with paperless equivalents
  • Use stationery with the EU Ecolabel brand or recycled material
  • Obtain environmental certification with reference to the EMAS-SQC regulation in order to enrol with the EMAS register


Scope of action: Incentivise employees to use renewable energy

  • Install columns to charge electric vehicles in company car parks in order to incentivise their use and encourage employees to drive such vehicles

  • Issue subsidised loans to employees to buy vehicles with low environmental impact and to install photovoltaic/solar systems in their homes

  • Raise awareness of and promote environmentally-friendly conduct among employees

  • Assess platforms to facilitate car-pooling

General objective 3

Integrated management of sustainability

Scope of action: Implement an integrated management system for sustainability, which includes both environmental and social aspects in business decisions

  • Define and formalise the company's sustainability policy
  • Include sustainability objectives in the 2019 business plan
  • Identify a sustainability representative within the company
  • Include sustainability objectives in MBO plans
  • Prepare an organisational procedure to produce the Sustainability Report
  • Fine-tune the materiality matrix
  • Create a Sustainability section for the InfoCamere website
  • Obtain external certification from an audit firm for the Sustainability Report and implement a more efficient system to collect the data reported, with a view to achieving said certification
  • Assess the feasibility of an InfoCamere Impact Analysis study
  • Obtain certification relating to the business continuity system (ISO 22301:2014)
  • Obtain certification relating to the workplace health and safety systems (ISO 45001:2018)
  • Maintain certifications relating to management systems implemented in the company


Scope of action: Spread a «culture of sustainability» among the company’s stakeholders

  • Involve members of the company bodies in the actions taken by InfoCamere with regard to sustainability
  • Circulate material regarding sustainability by publishing sustainability documentation on the intranet
  • Speak and possibly enter into agreements with non-profit associations and organisations for company voluntary work


General objective 4

Responsible supply chain

Scope of action: Promote a culture of “responsible procurement”

  • Implement a responsible procurement policy
  • Include sustainability criteria in tender procedures


General objective 5

Commitment to combat corruption and abuses of power

Scope of action: Commitment to combat corruption and abuses of power

  • Implement a policy to protect human rights
  • Obtain a legality rating of more than two stars
  • Provide refresher training on the organisation, management and control model pursuant to (Italian) Legislative Decree no. 231/01 (administrative responsibility of the entity, prevention of corruption, code of ethics) based on the company's training plan
  • Adopt a whistle-blowing informatin system for employees

General objective 6

Technology and innovation

Scope of action: Technology and innovation

  • Maintain large investments in technological innovation
InfoCamere's strong commitment to ESG issues meant that the 2018-2019 Sustainability Plan was successfully concluded, achieving 86% of the planned actions. View the results achieved.

Economic responsibility

Social responsibility

Environmental responsibility

InfoCamere has had a green and energy efficiency approach for a long time, including in the development of its  infrastructures and systems: from virtualization techniques, to collaboration and communications solutions, to the provision of a Cloud Computing service through to the installation of high-density islands.
In December 2017 InfoCamere obtained environmental certification to the ISO 14001/2015 standard.