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The value of information

Today, simple, fast and unified safe access to up-to-date and reliable information is the first essential for business competitivity.

Today, simple, fast and safe access to up-to-date and reliable information is the first essential for business competitivity. Freeing information from its material support, to accelerate physical transmission of data in a virtual flow that can be re-processed continuously, means creating efficiency and economic value. This is the strategic offering of InfoCamere: to provide businesses with a heritage of technological means and tools to communicate, receive and use the economic and administrative data contained in the Italian Chambers of Commerce databases.Through the portal you can quickly and easily consult surveys, balance sheets and files. In the section DATABASES FOR OPERATORS you will find all the information to enter into the Access Contract to the Chamber of Commerce Databases, which allows you to access in bulk and via web service (B2B) the Chamber of Commerce System Databases.

The ability of InfoCamere to aggregate and correlate a growing number of information sources, combined with the constant attention of the Chambers of Commerce to data quality, have made the Business Register a genuine information Hub for the Country's actual economy.


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One of the most significant achievements of InfoCamere is the Electronic Business Register, economic database and legal advertising tool for businesses, originally conceived, in 1993, as a completely electronic register: a feature that made it something completely new at European level, and still a benchmark. The Digital Administration Code defines it as one of the "databases of national interest", as it is an official, reliable source that is guaranteed by law.





Servizi Digitali

Digital services

We assist the Chambers of Commerce in responding to the needs of entrepreneurs, professionals and citizens

We assist the Chambers of Commerce in responding to the needs of entrepreneurs, professionals and citizens in the face of the continuous evolution of economic and regulatory systems, studying technologically advanced solutions that can be used in a simple, safe and intuitive way. With this in mind the electronic invoicing service for SMEs, the platform to access the entrepreneur's digital drawer and the wireless token for mobile management of the digital identity were born: latest generation solutions work alongside services such as digital signatures, Certified Electronic Mail or the portal.


Digital trust

ID InfoCamere-Digital Trust

Le nostre soluzioni per la tua identità digitale

InfoCamere, pioniere già dal 2000 della firma digitale e della telematizzazione del Sistema Camerale, è ora un QTSP (Qualified Trust Service Provider) riconosciuto a livello europeo secondo la disposizione comunitaria di riferimento in materia di identificazione elettronica e servizi fiduciari per le transazioni elettroniche (eIDAS) e riconosciuto dall'Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale (AgID).

Le soluzioni di ID InfoCamere semplificano il modo di firmare e di farsi identificare in rete in maniera certa e sicura, offrendo ad imprese e professionisti gli strumenti necessari per lavorare e crescere nel proprio business.

Scopri su tutto quello che serve per gestire la tua identità digitale.




IC for Cloud

IC for Cloud

Independently create and manage your Virtual Data Center

IC for Cloud Virtual Data Center is InfoCamere’s service that allows you to independently create and manage your Virtual Data Center, by purchasing a customisable quantity of computational resources as well as network resources, disk space and complementary services.


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All the solutions

Web Content Filter And Display

Digital identity: CNS e SPID

To be recognised, to sign and send documents, to make payments: all on line. CNS, digital signature, Certified e-mail, Electronic payments and SPID, the Public Digital Identity System: these are the digital tools that every Chamber of Commerce makes available to businesses to communicate quickly and safely with the public administration and others.
- With the SPID, citizens and businesses can obtain safe and guaranteed access to the on line services of the Public Administration and private organisations, using a single Digital Identity, with the same user name and password, whether from computer, tablet or smart phone.
- With the Chamber of Commerce's National Service Charter (CNS) over 1,500,000 citizens and entrepreneurs now have both a digital identity, and an electronic signature that can be used to sign electronic deeds, documents and files, all using a smart card and a reader.




SiBonus è la piattaforma realizzata da InfoCamere che consente alle PMI e ai titolari di crediti fiscali di cederli per ricavare liquidità immediata, dando modo ai soggetti interessati al loro acquisto di valutare le diverse opportunità e completare la transazione in modo sicuro, semplice e affidabile.

SiBonus facilita l’incontro tra cedente e cessionario di crediti di imposta, favorendo la circolazione di liquidità nel mercato e promuovendo la diffusione della cessione del credito. In questo modo, stimolando e supportando la ripresa del Sistema Paese.

The "digital safe" for businesses is a service offered by the Chambers of Commerce to 10 million businessmen and women, allowing free access to the official documents relating to their company. provides every owner and legal representative with company profiles, financial statements, company files and other official Business Register documents certified by the Chambers of Commerce. The service also allows the status of case folders presented to 3,500 One-Stop Business Advisory Centres to be checked, and makes it possible to contact Italian start-ups and innovative SMEs. It is quick, safe and easy to access using SPID credentials or the National Service Charter (CNS) from any device: pc, smartphone and tablet.


On behalf of the Chambers of Commerce System, InfoCamere has created the free electronic PA invoicing service made available for Italian small and medium enterprises that have, or intend to, do business with the Public Administration. The service - developed at institutional level with an eye to digital use - aims to facilitate small operators comply with regulatory requirements, and allows a limited number of invoices every year to be prepared, transmitted properly (through the Agency for Digital Italy's Exchange System), monitored and stored according to regulations, all in one operation. The initiative falls under the measures supporting SMEs, as foreseen by Ministerial Decree number 55 dated 3 April 2013.


INI-PEC is the national index of Certified Email Addresses (PEC) belonging to companies, individual enterprises and professionals who are registered with a Professional Association. Established by the (Italian) Ministry of Economic Development and created by InfoCamere to implement (Italian) decree law no. 179, dated 18th October 2012, the database is freely available on line without the need to log-in or register, allowing anyone to find the email address of a professional or company operating in Italy. The index is constantly updated with information from the Business Register and from Professional Associations and Colleges, using the methods provided for by law.

National Register for the Alternation of School and Work

The Chambers of Commerce make the National Register for the alternation of school and work available to students, schools, businesses, public and private bodies. An on line meeting point to support the rights of students to learn on the job, and to offer the labour market an additional opportunity for growth. The Register is a tool giving transparency and guarantees that, on the one hand, offers businesses, bodies and professionals the chance to sign up free of charge and offer job experience for students most interested in their activities; on the other hand, it enables schools to find - from among their local businesses - the offers that correspond most nearly to the needs of students in their final year of schooling, helping them and accompanying the young people make a more informed choice about their future working life.

Innovative Start-ups and SMEs: Italyfrontiers

#ItalyFrontiers is the digital showcase for innovative businesses that allows them to present themselves to potential investors in search of new ideas to back, opening a window onto the most innovative organisations at the start of their business life. It is a dual language platform, free and customisable, in which the profiles of all Italian innovative start-ups and SMEs duly registered in the Chamber of Commerce Business Register are present and can be searched. The main details of each individual are shown, together with a rich set of information entered voluntarily by businesses who have made use of the display area available to them. #ItalyFrontiers is on line and free to consult, without the need for authentication or registration.

Sportello Unico Attività Produttive

The SUAP (One-Stop Business Advisory Centre) is the on line platform for businesses to fulfil their obligations to municipal authorities and other local administrations. Based on special agreements, the Communes wishing to do so - currently around 3,900 - can make use of the Chamber of Commerce portal, created by InfoCamere with the co-operation of Unioncamere. 

Here is an example of how it is used

A businessman wishing to renovate his shop, after authenticating himself on the portal «impresainungiorno» using his own digital identity, SPID or CNS, can obtain on line access to the SUAP for his own municipality and select the operation of interest to him. He fills in the file, pays the amounts due on line and the pays any stamp duty using the service @e.Bollo. After making the payment, the businessman signs the file using his digital signature and sends it to the SUAP. All this in a fully secure manner and without having to queue at the desk.

Digital books

“Digital Books” is the Chamber of Commerce service to help enterprises manage the company books digitalisation process in total security and with full legal value, helping them save time and resources.
A platform that is always accessible for the companies and their intermediaries, from smartphones and tablets as well and with no limits to space or time.
Secure access to the service is guaranteed by SPID (Public Digital Identity System) or CNS (National Service Card). Both of these tools are also available from your local Chamber of Commerce.

Online access to the Chamber of Commerce archives is the Chamber of Commerce portal that allows access via internet to the information on Italian businesses. Just as there is a database for citizens, so all the important facts about the life of a company are entered and can be consulted using the Business Register. A means of ensuring administrative transparency, a source of data that is official, reliable and guaranteed by law. is also the virtual platform that can be used to fill in and send on line files relating to the birth and life of businesses. Through the portal you can quickly request timely information on customers, suppliers and competitors. Through the Access Contract to the Chamber of Commerce Databases we also guarantee bulk and web service access to the wealth of Chamber of Commerce information. is a simple and intuitive interface that, with just a few clicks, provides access to the online official database of over 6 million Italian companies; you can search for any company and retrieve the company reports, the annual accounts and lists of companies. If you’re interested in “Made in Italy” quality and you’re looking for an Italian partner or supplier, you’ll find all the official, complete information you need on

Legal Entity Identifier

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a code that is assigned to identify counterparties in financial transactions in markets and legal systems all over the world.
InfoCamere is one of the 30 organisations globally to be officially authorised by the GLEIF (Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation) as a LOU (Local Operating Unit), meaning that it can issue LEI codes, as well as being the leading player in Italy for assigning LEI codes. 
By registering and accessing the new version of the portal InfoCamere|LEI using their SPID, CNS or credentials, all legal entities in Italy that operate on the financial markets can request for their LEI code to be issued or renewed, and can search for the LEI code of any company based in Italy. It is also possible to request a free transfer from another operator.

Atti Depositati (art. 7 quater DL 193/2016)

Starting from 1st July 2017, notifications and other acts which, according to the law, must be sent to taxpayers (sole traders or companies and professionals enrolled with the official registers governed by the law) may be managed through the certified e-mail addresses recorded in the Italian National Index of Certified E-mail Addresses (“INI-PEC”). 
If a certified e-mail address has exceeded its limit or if the address provided is invalid or inactive, notifications are also available by accessing the reserved area of the website using the CNS or SPID (implementing art. 7 quater of Italian Decree Law no. 193/2016).

Contratti di rete is the portal dedicated to businesses that co-operate to innovate and compete on the market. On anybody can find regulatory information on the instruments, the procedures to be followed and a detailed guide on how to set up a network of businesses, even without the need for a notary. All on line and free to consult, without the need for authentication or registration. The web site also provides information on all the business networks that have been set up and registered with the Business Register. This information is updated on a monthly basis, and a full list can be downloaded (.pdf or .csv format).


ICONTO is the InfoCamere Payment Institute for any enterprise and professional who needs to make daily payments, that are secure, convenient and flexible, to the Italian Chambers of Commerce and other Public Administration offices.
ICONTO is an innovative way to provide traditional bank payment services, such as bank transfers, payments by advice, direct debits, pagoPA along with professional assistance. The offer ranges from payments for Business Register operations to F24 tax payments, and also pagoPA for payments to Public Administration Offices.
ICONTO is registered in the list held by the Bank of Italy.

Data bases for the PA

To meet the various information needs of each Public Administration half way, on line access to the Chambers of Commerce data is achieved in various ways, with a series of services aimed at finding, extracting and processing the information and performing statistical analysis. InfoCamere has already made the Register available to over 1,400 Central and Local Administrations. Certain services of specific interest have also been dedicated to the Public Administration, together with tools for administrative transparency, in compliance with specific legal provisions. Market information operators. InfoCamere allows access to the Data Bases by operators interested in extracting documents and data by means of the access services made available by the national information technology system.