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InfoCamere manages the Business Register, the economic database for all activities operating in Italy, on behalf of the Italian Chambers of Commerce. The Register, which acts as a legal advertising tool for businesses, was originally conceived, in 1993, as a fully electronic register: a feature that made it something completely new at European level, and is still a benchmark. The Digital Administration Code defines it as one of the "databases of national interest", as it is an official, reliable source that is guaranteed by law. Our ability to aggregate and correlate a growing number of information sources, combined with the constant attention of the Chambers of Commerce to data quality, have made the Business Register a genuine information Hub for the Country's actual economy. Using the portal it is possible to consult registration reports, financial statements and business files quickly and easily. On the Italian Chambers of Commerce DATABASE website it is possible to find all the information necessary to stipulate the contract that allows mass and B2B access to the Register and to the other Chambers of Commerce System Databases.

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Digital trust

ID InfoCamere-Digital Trust

Our solutions for your digital identity

InfoCamere, a pioneer in digital signatures and computerisation of the Chambers of Commerce System since 2000, is now a QTSP (Qualified Trust Service Provider) recognised at European level under the reference EC provisions on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions (elDAS) and recognised by the Agency for a Digital Italy (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale - AgID).

ID InfoCamere solutions simplify how you sign and identify yourself safely and securely on the internet, offering companies and professionals the tools needed to work and grow their business.

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Digital services

We assist the Chambers of Commerce in responding to the needs of entrepreneurs, professionals and citizens

We assist the Chambers of Commerce in responding to the needs of entrepreneurs, professionals and citizens in the face of the continuous evolution of economic and regulatory systems, studying technologically advanced solutions that can be used in a simple, safe and intuitive way. With this in mind the electronic invoicing service for SMEs, the platform to access the entrepreneur's digital drawer and the wireless token for mobile management of the digital identity were born: latest generation solutions work alongside services such as digital signatures, Certified Electronic Mail or the portal.



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