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ICONTO is the InfoCamere Payment Institute dedicated to those who - like companies and professionals - need to make payments in a secure, convenient and flexible way to the Italian Chambers of Commerce and other Public Administrations on a daily basis

ICONTO offers an innovative way to make the classic bank payment services such as bank transfers, MAV, SDD direct debits, F24, pagoPA and also provides qualified professional assistance. The customer offers ranges from payments linked to the operations of the Business Register to tax obligations (F24) and those to Public Administrations certified on pagoPA.

ICONTO is registered in the appropriate List kept by the Bank of Italy pursuant to art. 114-novies of Legislative Decree 385/93 (Banking Consolidation Act) and was authorized to operate the services referred to in point 3) of art. 1(2) (H-septies-1) of the Banking Consolidation Act.

Job Camere

JobCamere provides the Chamber system with a supply of professional manpower, on a permanent or fixed-term basis. It attempts to bridge the gap between demand and supply in the labour market. It sources and selects staff according to the specific needs of the organisation concerned. It provides support with professional relocation in the labour market, the organisation and management of training courses, along with research, studies and analysis into this market.

Corso Stati Uniti 14 – 35127 Padua – Tel. 049 8288111 – Fax 049 8288406

Tax code and VAT registration number: 04117630287

IC Outsourcing

IC Outsourcing provides services for the Chamber system involving the preparation, establishment and management of the storage and movement of paper files, as well as their dumping, retention and filing using OCR techniques. It has facilities for providing data acquisition and processing services and for managing real estate assets, involving the logistical, operational and administrative management of offices and representative branches.

Corso Stati Uniti 14 – 35127 Padua – Tel. 049 8288111 – Fax 049 8288406
Tax code and VAT registration number: 04117630287


Ecocerved is a consortium of which 36.9% is owned by InfoCamere and the remainder by Chambers of Commerce and the National and Regional Associations. It is the technical and organisational arm of the Chamber system for the creation of databases and services in the environmental field. In recent years, Ecocerved has been involved in consultancy and IT system development with local authorities, especially at a regional level, and with regional environmental bodies and large companies.

Via E. Zago 2 Torre B – 40128 Bologna – Tel. 051 6316700 – Fax 051 6316715

Tax code and VAT registration number: 03991350376