Piano sostenibilità

2018-2019 Objectives

Sustainability in Practice at InfoCamere

Within the context of an increasing focus on sustainability, both within Italy and abroad, InfoCamere also decided to launch an in-house sustainable development process in 2017. This process involves all company departments and external stakeholders.
During 2018, as part of its implementation of this process, InfoCamere produced and published its first Sustainability Report, referring to 2017. This report describes the actions implemented by the company within the three areas of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental.
As an expression of its commitment and to integrate sustainability into the company’s strategies in a more effective way, InfoCamere has also drawn up a Sustainability Policy, describing the company's values in this regard. The aim of this policy is to provide the impetus for truly sustainable company management.
In order to put these principles into practice, InfoCamere has developed sustainability objectives for the two-year period 2018/2019. As guidelines for these objectives, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the United Nations 2030 Agenda were used, i.e. the sustainable development objectives signed by the governments of 193 UN member countries in September 2015.

General Objective 1

Training and developing human resources

Scope of action: Enhance human capital

  • Define and implement an employee training programme spanning a number of years
  • Enhance and recruit new talent

  • Review the professional system for all company roles
  • Make the relationship between employees and the Public Administration easier

Scope of action: Well-being of human resources

  • Issue subsidised loans to employees
  • Support initiatives to help employees strike the right work-life balance
  • Organise meetings to provide training and raise awareness on healthy lifestyles and prevention
  • Involve employees and meet their expectations

General objective 2

Sustainable reconfiguration of the company and incentives to use clean energy

Scope of action: Sustainable reconfiguration of the company

Increase the energy efficiency of the company's buildings
Contribute to reducing environmental impact
Consume electricity from renewable sources
Review the company's work spaces
Maintain environmental certification with reference to the EMAS-SQC standard and 14001 certification
Digitalise processes
Replace paper documents with paperless equivalents
Modernise company cars, replacing them with vehicles with a lower environmental impact
Commitment to employees’ health and safety


Scope of action: Provide employees with incentives to use renewable energy

Promote environmentally friendly conduct among employees
Assess solutions and incentives for sustainable mobility

General objective 3

Integrated management of sustainability

Scope of action: Implement an integrated management system for sustainability, which includes both environmental and social aspects in business decisions

Identify a sustainability representative within the company
Fine-tune the materiality matrix
Assess whether to obtain external certification from an audit firm for the Sustainability Report and implement a more efficient system to collect the data reported, with a view to achieving said certification
Assess the feasibility of an InfoCamere Impact Analysis study
Assess the possibility to join ASVIS (Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development)

Scope of action: Spread a «culture of sustainability» among the company’s stakeholders

  • Spread a «culture of sustainability» among employees
  • Promote company voluntary work, redevelop the local area and promote forest restoration


General objective 4

Responsible supply chain

Scope of action: Promote a culture of “responsible procurement”

  • Implement a responsible procurement policy
  • Include sustainability criteria in tender procedures


General objective 5

Commitment to combat corruption and abuses of power

Scope of action: Commitment to combat corruption and abuses of power

Renew legality rating
Implement a policy to protect human rights
Update the “231/01 Model” (Code of Ethics) with reference to the issue of sustainability

General objective 6

Technology and innovation

Scope of action: Technology and innovation

  • Keep investing a lot in technological innovation
  • Continuous commitment to maintain and improve service continuity
  • Maintain high service levels for applications