The Chambers of Commerce and us

Noi e le Camere di Commercio

InfoCamere for the Chamber of Commerce System

As the Italian Chambers of Commerce in-house company, InfoCamere provides the chamber of commerce bodies with its experience in the field of increasingly efficient organisation and management of internal processes, developing information technology services based on high quality technology to support the numerous Chambers of Commerce back office activities, with the aim of simplification. Proper operation of these activities within the Chamber of Commerce System is in face a deciding factor in guaranteeing the quality of the data and services provided by the Chambers of Commerce to businesses, Public Administrations and professionals.

This action places the goal of computerising and integrating information flows at the centre of attention, and is reflected in all the services offered by the Company to support Chamber of Commerce activities. These include the tools used to manage the Business Register, thanks to which the Chambers of Commerce are able to govern operating flows relating to specific legal aspects, such as: environment and agriculture, foreign trade and contributions to businesses, market regulation, management of professional lists and registers. Alongside these services, InfoCamere also offers a series of evolved management administration services, including one for management of accounting and human resources, for strategic planning and management accounting, for monitoring and supply of the database on annual rights paid by businesses.


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