Data center

Data center

Casa dei dati - Il nostro Data Center

Our Data Center

A true latest generation open Cloud environment. A Virtual Data Center in constant evolution, which gives rise to centrally supplied services provided via internet and intranet.

All the Padua DPC services are delivered using a high reliability logical and physical architecture that operates continuously. The Data Center is protected by Continuous Availability and Disaster Recovery architecture. Approximately 100,000 controls a day in a strongly automated environment guarantee 114 Million operations and currently make use of dedicated, high reliability Gigabit Ethernet optical fibre lines with dual operator. The physical and logical security of the sites is guaranteed by 24/7 protection with CCTV perimeter controls. Accesses are checked using badge readers and biometric devices. Over 5,000 sensors to control physical parameters: temperature, humidity, anti-intrusion, fire-prevention, power supply-air conditioning status. The data protection and conservation systems comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 Certification.

Brochure data center

Banche dati numeri

Padua Data center (1.300mq)
Physical servers
> 6.000
Total storage
Ambiente a forte automazione
Daily controls
100 millions
WEB and backend
Total Operations

Casa dei dati -Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery

A redundant data network with a star configuration that converges in the Padua DPC and has its second access point at the Milan DPC  as Disaster Recovery Center. Datacenter protected against power failures: generator groups, ups and other continuity systems. With a guaranteed autonomy of several days. The electrical and cooling infrastructures are oversized, allowing interventions in the absence of interruptions to service. There is also a high level of earthquake protection and a low risk of natural calamities.

Disaster recovery cerchi

service level
Livello di servizio
Attivazione sito di Milano
Tempi di ripristino
400 mq
Sito di Disaster Recovery
Sito di Milano

Casa dei dati - Sostenibilità

A "green" and energy-efficient approach

For some time now, InfoCamere has adopted a "green" and energy-efficient approach to evolution of its infrastructures and systems: from the virtualisation methods, to the collaboration and communication solutions, to delivery of a Cloud Computing service, all the way to installation of high density islands. An innovative solution chosen by the Company to reduce its energy costs, in line with the requests made by the Agency for Digital Italy to Public Administration data centers.
InfoCamere is assessing the option of adopting a photovoltaic system to use renewable energy and further reduce harmful emissions for the environment.

Numeri sostenibilità

P.U.E. <1.5
Power Usage Effectiveness
Efficienza energetica
500 KW
2 isole ad alta densità
Nuova infrastruttura
Kwh elettrici
457 ton CO2
Riduzione gas a effetto serra
*Riduzione emissioni di gas