The almost forty-year history of InfoCamere has been a successful marriage of tradition and innovation.

It started life as Cerved (Centro Regionale Veneto Elaborazione Dati, or the Data Processing Centre for the Veneto Region), when it was founded in Padua in December 1974, thanks to the insight of Professor Mario Volpato, then President of the Chamber of Commerce and Professor of Probability at Padua University.

Well before the Internet age, the founding idea for Cerved (from which InfoCamere emerged, when the original organisation was divided up) was strongly future-orientated. Indeed, the purpose of the company was to reinvent the efficiency of Public Authorities through the utilisation of the new computer and telematic technologies. That is how the registers of the Chambers of Commerce in the Veneto Region came to be the first to be digitized and interconnected. Thanks to this innovation, economic data on businesses throughout the Veneto Region could be obtained from any province within that region.

This was nothing short of a revolution, making life easier for businesses and professionals, who no longer needed to physically travel to the province that "owned" the information.

As the years went by, the company continued to provide cutting edge record management solutions to the Chambers of Commerce, expanding the network region by region, until eventually the databases of all Italian Chambers of Commerce and their branch offices were computerised and integrated.

This was one example - the first in Italy - of interconnection between the records of different public bodies, leading to the formation of a network connecting all of the Chambers of Commerce within a single system, with each still retaining its individual identity and autonomy.

It was thanks to this groundwork and to the tools made available by the company that Act No. 580 of 29 December 1993 on the reorganisation of the Chambers of Commerce entrusted the Chambers with the task of producing an entirely computerised Business Register. This was the official recognition of a cutting edge system.