The Sportello Unico Attività Produttive (known as SUAP in Italian) are under municipal jurisdiction and perform the role of providing a single point of contact for companies, on behalf of all relevant public institutions, for the issue of concessions and authorisations.

The SUAPs are used for checking the closing times for procedures, assisting companies in understanding their obligations, and coordinating the actions of third-party entities, which may be local bodies (such as the local health trusts or regional environmental protection agencies) or peripheral divisions of the State (Fire Brigade or Superintendencies).

The tasks assigned to the various divisions of the Chamber system are as follows:

  • Unioncamere is responsible for the general coordination of the implementation of the reform and the national portal, the single access point for companies to the services provided by the Italian public system;
  • the Chambers of Commerce provide organisational and technical support to the municipal authorities that request it, in order to ensure the operation of the SUAPs, in compliance with the new regulations, with particular reference to the fully electronic management of the procedure.

For this purpose, InfoCamere has created:

  • the portal, managed by Unioncamere together with the ANCI, which is used for managing the process by which the municipal authorities and the Agencies for Businesses become accredited with the SUAPs;
  • the IT tools for managing the SUAPs at the Chamber of Commerce, including trialling an application for online payment of the charges associated with the SUAPs;
  • the operational tools needed in order for the Municipal Authorities that make use of Chamber of Commerce services to manage the SUAP processes electronically.

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