The value of information

Today, simple, fast and unified safe access to up-to-date and reliable information is the first essential for business competitivity.

Today, simple, fast and safe access to up-to-date and reliable information is the first essential for business competitivity. Freeing information from its material support, to accelerate physical transmission of data in a virtual flow that can be re-processed continuously, means creating efficiency and economic value. This is the strategic offering of InfoCamere: to provide businesses with a heritage of technological means and tools to communicate, receive and use the economic and administrative data contained in the Italian Chambers of Commerce databases; with the final aim of guaranteeing rapid, secure and transparent access to up-to-date, reliable public information by businesses, professionals, citizens and the public administration.

The ability of InfoCamere to aggregate and correlate a growing number of information sources, combined with the constant attention of the Chambers of Commerce to data quality, have made the Business Register a genuine information Hub for the Country's actual economy.




One of the most significant achievements of InfoCamere is the Electronic Business Register, economic database and legal advertising tool for businesses, originally conceived, in 1993, as a completely electronic register: a feature that made it something completely new at European level, and still a benchmark. The Digital Administration Code defines it as one of the "databases of national interest", as it is an official, reliable source that is guaranteed by law.


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Digital diary and innovation

Information technology is made up of ideas, and the ingenuity of man is the most powerful algorithm in the world

The Chambers of Commerce, through InfoCamere, have always been on the front line in the digitalisation process. Information technology is made up of ideas, and the ingenuity of man is the most powerful algorithm in the world. The challenge for new information and communication technologies is to open up new prospects and stimulate co-operation between different skills. InfoCamere promotes transversal and integrated sharing of digital data, documents and services: it analyses the existing system of processes so as to draw up and develop new organisation models and allow all the parties involved to operate, and co-operate, thus reducing the times and management costs of case folders.
Computerisation of case folders and documents exchanged by businesses and Chambers of Commerce is advancing, with the aim of simplifying procedures and gaining greater mutual efficiency, defining a new relationship between citizens and the Public Administration

Through InfoCamere, the Chamber of Commerce System now represents the "digital home" of Italian businesses, a skill centre that gives birth to ideas and services to help in the Country's digital Renaissance.

All the solutions

Questo grafico rappresenta la "mappa" dei servizi realizzati da InfoCamere per le varie tipologie di utenti: imprese, professionisti, pubbliche amministrazioni e cittadini.
Cliccando sui nodi si visualizzano le relazioni tra servizi e tipologie di utenti ed è possibile accedere rapidamente ai siti internet correlati.

Innovative Start-ups and SMEs: Italyfroniters

#ItalyFrontiers is the digital showcase for innovative businesses that allows them to present themselves to potential investors in search of new ideas to back, opening a window onto the most innovative organisations at the start of their business life. It is a dual language platform, free and customisable, in which the profiles of all Italian innovative start-ups and SMEs duly registered in the Chamber of Commerce Business Register are present and can be searched. The main details of each individual are shown, together with a rich set of information entered voluntarily by businesses who have made use of the display area available to them. #ItalyFrontiers is on line and free to consult, without the need for authentication or registration.

Digital identity: CNS e SPID

To be recognised, to sign and send documents, to make payments: all on line. CNS, digital signature, Certified e-mail, Electronic payments and SPID, the Public Digital Identity System: these are the digital tools that every Chamber of Commerce makes available to businesses to communicate quickly and safely with the public administration and others.
- With the SPID, citizens and businesses can obtain safe and guaranteed access to the on line services of the Public Administration and private organisations, using a single Digital Identity, with the same user name and password, whether from computer, tablet or smart phone.
- With the Chamber of Commerce's National Service Charter (CNS) over 1,500,000 citizens and entrepreneurs now have both a digital identity, and an electronic signature that can be used to sign electronic deeds, documents and files, all using a smart card and a reader.



Libri Digitali

“Libri digitali” è il servizio delle Camere di Commercio pensato per aiutare le imprese a gestire in totale sicurezza e
con pieno valore legale tutto il processo di digitalizzazione dei libri d’impresa, facendo risparmiare tempo e risorse.
Una piattaforma accessibile sempre, dalle società e dai loro intermediari, anche da smartphone e tablet, senza limiti di spazio e di tempo.

L'accesso sicuro al servizio è garantito da SPID (Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale) o CNS (Carta Nazionale dei Servizi). Entrambi gli strumenti sono rilasciati anche dalla tua Camera di Commercio.


To support the Chamber of Commerce System - in its role as a meeting point for services provided to and by the Public Administration, in 2013 InfoCamere set up its own Payment Institution to manage the on line payment flows relating to the services offered by the Chambers of Commerce and by other Public Administrations. InfoCamere. At the centre of the InfoCamere Payment Institution is ICONTO: an easy-to-use, safe on line payment account that is available to businessmen, professionals and citizens to make electronic payments for services offered by the Public Administration.

Legal Entity Identifier

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a code that is assigned to identify the parties in financial operations on all the world's markets and legal systems. Unioncamere, the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Craft and Agriculture, with the support of Banca d'Italia and Consob and thanks to a partnership with InfoCamere S.c.p.a., has been designated a pre-local Operating Unit (pre-LOU), that is to say an entity authorised to issue and renew LEI codes in Italy. To allow interested businesses and funds to obtain or renew their LEI code, InfoCamere has created the service Lei-Italy.


On behalf of the Chambers of Commerce System, InfoCamere has created the free electronic PA invoicing service made available for Italian small and medium enterprises that have, or intend to, do business with the Public Administration. The service - developed at institutional level with an eye to digital use - aims to facilitate small operators comply with regulatory requirements, and allows a limited number of invoices every year to be prepared, transmitted properly (through the Agency for Digital Italy's Exchange System), monitored and stored according to regulations, all in one operation. The initiative falls under the measures supporting SMEs, as foreseen by Ministerial Decree number 55 dated 3 April 2013.

The "digital safe" for businesses is a service offered by the Chambers of Commerce to 10 million businessmen and women, allowing free access to the official documents relating to their company. provides every owner and legal representative with company profiles, financial statements, company files and other official Business Register documents certified by the Chambers of Commerce. The service also allows the status of case folders presented to 3,500 One-Stop Business Advisory Centres to be checked, and makes it possible to contact Italian start-ups and innovative SMEs. It is quick, safe and easy to access using SPID credentials or the National Service Charter (CNS) from any device: pc, smartphone and tablet.

Atti Depositati (art. 7 quater DL 193/2016)

A decorrere dal 1° luglio 2017,  la notificazione degli avvisi e degli altri atti che per legge devono essere notificati ai contribuenti (imprese individuali o costituite in forma societaria e professionisti iscritti in albi o elenchi istituiti con legge dello Stato) può essere effettuata all'indirizzo PEC risultante dall'Indice Nazionale degli Indirizzi di posta elettronica certificata (INI-PEC). 

Nel caso di casella PEC satura o di indirizzo non valido o inattivo, l'atto è consultabile accedendo all'area riservata del sito tramite CNS o SPID (in attuazione dell'art. 7 quater del D.L. n. 193/2016).


Online access to the Chamber of Commerce archives is the Chamber of Commerce portal that allows access via internet to the information on Italian businesses. Just as there is a database for citizens, so all the important facts about the life of a company are entered and can be consulted using the Business Register. A means of ensuring administrative transparency, a source of data that is official, reliable and guaranteed by law. is also the virtual platform that can be used to fill in and send on line files relating to the birth and life of businesses. To allow the documents and data to be extracted in mass form, InfoCamere has also created dedicated means by which the Data Bases can be accessed by interested Market operators.

Data bases for the PA

To meet the various information needs of each Public Administration half way, on line access to the Chambers of Commerce data is achieved in various ways, with a series of services aimed at finding, extracting and processing the information and performing statistical analysis. InfoCamere has already made the Register available to over 1,400 Central and Local Administrations. Certain services of specific interest have also been dedicated to the Public Administration, together with tools for administrative transparency, in compliance with specific legal provisions. Market information operators. InfoCamere allows access to the Data Bases by operators interested in extracting documents and data by means of the access services made available by the national information technology system.


INI-PEC is the national index of Certified Email Addresses (PEC) belonging to companies, individual enterprises and professionals who are registered with a Professional Association. Established by the (Italian) Ministry of Economic Development and created by InfoCamere to implement (Italian) decree law no. 179, dated 18th October 2012, the database is freely available on line without the need to log-in or register, allowing anyone to find the email address of a professional or company operating in Italy. The index is constantly updated with information from the Business Register and from Professional Associations and Colleges, using the methods provided for by law.

Sportello Unico Attività Produttive

The SUAP (One-Stop Business Advisory Centre) is the on line platform for businesses to fulfil their obligations to municipal authorities and other local administrations. Based on special agreements, the Communes wishing to do so - currently around 3,400 - can make use of the Chamber of Commerce portal, created by InfoCamere with the co-operation of Unioncamere. 

Here is an example of how it is used

A businessman wishing to renovate his shop, after authenticating himself on the portal «impresainungiorno» using his own digital identity, SPID or CNS, can obtain on line access to the SUAP for his own municipality and select the operation of interest to him. He fills in the file, pays the amounts due on line and the pays any stamp duty using the service @e.Bollo. After making the payment, the businessman signs the file using his digital signature and sends it to the SUAP. All this in a fully secure manner and without having to queue at the desk.

National Register for the Alternation of School and Work

The Chambers of Commerce make the National Register for the alternation of school and work available to students, schools, businesses, public and private bodies. An on line meeting point to support the rights of students to learn on the job, and to offer the labour market an additional opportunity for growth. The Register is a tool giving transparency and guarantees that, on the one hand, offers businesses, bodies and professionals the chance to sign up free of charge and offer job experience for students most interested in their activities; on the other hand, it enables schools to find - from among their local businesses - the offers that correspond most nearly to the needs of students in their final year of schooling, helping them and accompanying the young people make a more informed choice about their future working life.

Contratti di rete is the portal dedicated to businesses that co-operate to innovate and compete on the market. On anybody can find regulatory information on the instruments, the procedures to be followed and a detailed guide on how to set up a network of businesses, even without the need for a notary. All on line and free to consult, without the need for authentication or registration. The web site also provides information on all the business networks that have been set up and registered with the Business Register. This information is updated on a monthly basis, and a full list can be downloaded (.pdf or .csv format).