The online files of the Chambers of Commerce registers are managed via the online transmission system - a web application available to businesses, professionals, business associations and private individuals, via the portal.

The online transmission system can be used for sending files from: The Business Register (using the Single Communication service), Chamber of Commerce rolls and registers, Patents and Trademarks, Certifications for use Abroad, Business Grants, Plant Compliance Declarations, Foreign Trade Operators, Traditional Agro-food Products, the Register of Protests, and Weights and Measures.

Single Communication

The Single Communication facility, now familiar to all professional operators under the name of ComUnica (see  video), is the procedure, available on the website, through which new businesses can, in no more than seven days, fulfil their declaratory duties to the Business Register, INPS, (National Institute for Social Security) INAIL (National Institute for Insurance against Labour Accidents) and the Inland Revenue by submitting a standardised form sent (on line or on in electronic form) only to the local Chamber of Commerce.

ComUnica, which was launched on 1 April 2010, is an important administrative simplification tool, covering the over six million businesses currently existing in Italy, and anyone with plans to go into business.

Filing balance sheets

Since 2010, Italian joint stock companies required to file their balance sheets with the Business Register of the Chambers of Commerce have been using a new accounting format: XBRL.

Italy is among the first countries in Europe to introduce the mandatory live electronic format for submitting balance sheets. XBRL stands for "eXtensible Business Reporting Language".

In order to facilitate the use of this format, InfoCamere has placed a free software product on the website, with which it is possible - using spreadsheets either in the commercially available Excel format or in the "free" Open Office format - to generate an accounting statement in XBRL, starting from the data of normal balance sheets. A free web service is available on the website, with which the formal validity of an application in XBRL can be checked before it is filed with the Business Register, immediately identifying any discrepancies or defects.

The XBRL extension makes it possible to automate checks by the Chamber System, which receives about 900,000 sets of balance sheets per year, speeding up the publication of these accounts so that the data becomes usable in ever shorter time frames. 

The XBRL format ensures access to high-quality data (the accounts in XBRL form are 99% correct), which can be easily revised, as demonstrated by the software "in.balance – corporate balance sheets analysis", produced by InfoCamere for the Chambers of Commerce.

Become a Distributor


InfoCamere is entrusted to  preparing, organising and managing a national IT system able to process and distribute, also to third parties, documents and information on all listed businesses that according to the law constitute legal publicity or notification publicity or that anyway come from registers, rolls, lists and volumes kept by the Chambers.  
Operators interested to connect  to the Chambers’ Databases may gain access to such  documents and data by signing the Contract for Access to the Chambers of Commerce Databases.

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