InfoCamere - Mission

InfoCamere, the IT company for the Italian Chambers of Commerce, is the ideal technological structure for supporting the Chamber system in managing its information stores and providing its services.

By devising and developing the most up-to-date and innovative IT solutions, it unites the Chambers of Commerce on a daily basis, across a network also accessible to all involved in the Italian productive system: businesses, members of the public, Public Authorities, business associations, professional bodies and anyone involved with economic data.
InfoCamere manages the high-speed and high-security communication network interconnecting the nerve centres of the Chamber system (105 Chambers of Commerce and 300 branch offices). By creating a fully paper-free environment, the network assists the Chamber system with managing the complex administrative procedures associated with business life. Its databases are quick and easy to access, and available to all.
One of the most significant contributions of InfoCamere for the Chambers of Commerce has been the electronic business register Registro Imprese telematico, an economic registry and legal disclosure instrument for businesses. It was established in computerised format from its inception in 1993, and this distinctive feature made it completely unique across Europe.

The company is therefore involved in activities ranging from managing the data held by the Chambers (thanks in particular to the portal, which is truly the search engine for the national economy sector), to the computerisation and simplification of the services provided to businesses by the Chambers themselves, especially in their dealings with the Public Authorities (for example, through the ComUnica software, the management of the portal and the procedures associated with the SUAP - Sportello Unico Attività Produttive). It also develops the information services needed for their back office activities. InfoCamere therefore supports the Chambers of Commerce in their mission to meet the general needs of businesses and make them more competitive.


Quality Certifications

InfoCamere designs, develops and delivers information services complying with ISO 9001. It was first certified in 1997 (ISO 9001:1994), then approved for Vision 2000 (ISO 9001:2000). Finally, in March 2009, its certification was extended to the latest version (ISO 9001:2008). InfoCamere's quality system has been extended to the companies IC Service and IC Technology.
The company complies with the ISO 27001 information security standards, having obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certification in 2012 for its information security management systems, including aspects in relation to logical, physical and organizational security. More over, in March 2015 InfoCamere obtained ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certification.

It has defined its own organizational model concerning administrative responsibility (Legislative Decree 231/01) and the associated Code of Ethics. It has adopted a voluntary system of workplace health and safety management (following the UNI-INAIL guidelines), in accordance with art. 30 of Legislative Decree 81/2008.