Other services have been added to those traditionally offered by the Chambers of Commerce, which means that the Chamber System and InfoCamere have taken on the role of technical and operational managers on behalf of other central and local Authorities. Therefore, InfoCamere is not only responsible for providing services such as SUAP, mediation and the Civil Cases Online System but also for collecting related fees and administration fees and those envisaged under the law by means of online payments made by users. In this respect, InfoCamere has developed its own online payment services both in view of the steady increase in the flows of funds managed and in view of its role as an operational/technological provider for the Chambers of Commerce in the e-government relations between the Public Authorities, citizens and businesses. On 2 January 2013 the Bank of Italy authorised InfoCamere to provide the payment services envisaged under the legislation in force through its very own Payment Institution.

The proposal centres on a Payment Account (ICONTO). This account provides its users with full computerised integration of the processes for settling amounts due (fees, tariffs and taxes) with the IT applications related to various e-government services.


The benefits of the ICONTO may be summarised as follows:

  • the centrality of a single deposit (account) set aside for operations with Public Authorities and which may be topped up by the user by means of a credit transfer

  • ‘native' integration with a vast number of computerised services, which may be managed by any beneficiary

  • the advantages associated with the entire online management of the account