Innovating in order to simplify, and anticipating the changing future is what the Chambers of Commerce have always required of InfoCamere. The work of InfoCamere is also focused on computerising and simplifying the services rendered by the Chambers of Commerce to businesses, especially in relation to their dealings with the Public Authorities, so as to lighten their load in terms of red tape and administration costs. It is with this in mind that InfoCamere has developed its expertise in the field of administrative simplification, embracing the path of the paper-free office, digital signatures, electronic storage and all other tools that have come into existence through advances in technology and IT, to ensure a governance of administrative procedures that moves with the times and with the requirements of its business users.

Services available

This is the guiding principle behind all of the administrative services designed by InfoCamere over the years on behalf of the Italian Chambers of Commerce, from online filing to the Sportello Unico per le Attvità Produttive , tools for businesses dedicated to civil justice and tools for digital certification, which is an essential element in operating the online services.

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La Carta Nazionale dei Servizi (video - durata 4:59 min.)

La Comunicazione Unica (video - durata 2:22 min.)

La Fatturazione Elettronica (video - durata 3:27)

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