Skills and tools at the service of innovation
Thinking outside the box, leaving pre-formed and "copy-and-paste" strategies behind to experiment with new ways of thinking and new paradigms of action, in a constant synergism between hard and soft skill: this is the logic of continuous innovation, the original vision behind InfoCamere. Because the future is creativity and organisation, genius and system, vision and sharing. Taking part in this process means implementing the principle of simplification, distributing easy-to-use tools so that everybody can live in the age of access. .


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How an idea is born

Information technology is made up of ideas, and the ingenuity of man is the most powerful algorithm in the world. The challenge for new information and communication technologies is to open up new prospects and stimulate co-operation between different skills.

Technological capital, digital capital and human capital are the factors - accessory and complementary - in the integrated approach used by InfoCamere.

Because an innovative idea can only be born and grow within a context permeated by creative attitudes.

New Co-ordinates for business?

The concept of customer pain, attention to the pain of your customer.

If you satisfy that need and that requirement, you have found the solution.