INI-PEC is the National Index of Certified Electronic Mail (PEC) Addresses

established by the Ministry of Economic Development and created by InfoCamere in implementation of Decree Law no. 179 of 18 October 2012 (converted with amendments by the Law 17 December 2012, no.221), available at INI-PEC collects all PEC addresses of businesses and professionals within Italy and is intended for anyone who needs to obtain the PEC address of a professional or a business.

One can access the research section of the portal and find the address of interest without the need for authentication or additional programs. If the company or the professional is in the index, INI-PEC provides the user with the requested address.

The index is updated regularly with the data from the Italian Business Register and the Orders and Associations of affiliation, in the manner established by law.

The retrieval of information of all economic operators which by law must have a PEC address is easier and more effective thanks to INI-PEC.

The creation of INI-PEC has been possible thanks to the collaboration of various actors:

• the Ministry of Economic Development established the legal bases and has coordinated the actors involved

• InfoCamere created the portal INI-PEC under the guidelines of the Ministry of Economic Development and has surveyed and contacted more than 1,800 Professional Orders and Associations in order to collect all the PEC addresses in their possession

• the Orders and Associations have sent the data that today feeds INI-PEC and will continue to do so as their members provide them with new information

• the Chambers of Commerce have provided PEC addresses of Italian companies in the Italian Business Register and will continue to ensure that they are updated.


The goal is to collect PEC addresses of all professionals and all firms in the country, to allow various economic entities and Public Authorities to interact with each other with ease, efficiency and economy.

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