InfoCamere has established an on-line conciliation service operated by the Chambers of Commerce (available on the website This is a computerised procedure that allows companies, consumers and professionals to receive specialised assistance in order to resolve disputes in a simple, fast, economic and reliable manner, avoiding the need to go to court.

The mediation service offered by the Chambers of Commerce is different from other mediation services because all stages of the process are computerised:

  • Back Office of the Organisation: management and support with the mediation procedure; management of the list of mediators.
  • On-line function for mediators: management of the availability schedule; acceptance of mandates; access to procedures which fall within their area of competence, filing of documents, on-line management, if necessary, of the mediation meeting.
  • On-line functions for users: presentation of applications by parties; forwarding entry applications; access of the parties to the data of the procedure within their area of competence; presentation of the applications of aspiring mediators.
  • On-line Mediation meetings: management of meetings via video conferencing; management of forum/chat meetings.

Civil law online

The Imprese & Giustizia (Businesses and Justice) service allows companies registered with the Business Register to consult via the internet documents related to civil lawsuits in which they are involved. Any person representing a company will be recognised when they access the online system, thanks to the National Services Card and the offices they hold, as recorded in the Business Register. This gives the business operator access to the content of the court documents.

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