InfoCamere's main function has always been to optimise the management of the databases of the Italian Chambers of Commerce, using telematic and computer technologies, in order to make them accessible to all – the public, public authorities and industry professionals. This is the starting point for shared information that is easy to consult and always up to date.

The information held by the Chamber System consists primarily of the Business Register. From its inception in 1993, it has taken the form of a computerised register, and it stands out amongst the achievements of InfoCamere. There are now 10 million individuals listed (entrepreneurs, shareholders, directors, auditors and managers), more than six million registered businesses and 900,000 sets of balance sheets filed each year.

In order to respond more effectively to the information needs of businesses, professionals, Public Authorities and the public, the Register is fully electronic, thanks to the adoption of digital signatures, certified email and storage technologies in place of paper records. It is entirely accessible over the internet at

Thanks to these solutions, the Business Register is not only the direct gateway to the databases of the chambers, but can truly be considered a virtual help-desk, open all hours to the public, enabling businesses and professionals to make filings and comply with all administrative requirements concerning the formation and life of companies, with the Chambers of Commerce keeping records at every step.

The Business Register is defined in art. 60 of the Digital Administration Code (CAD in Italian), as one of the databases of national interest, since it is an official and reliable source of information, guaranteed by law. It is an important tool in the transparency of administration and service, and a vantage point for surveying the entire Italian business world. The fact that it holds complete and official data also makes it invaluable to the judicial authorities as a tool for fighting white-collar crime.

The wide range of information stored by the Chambers of Commerce is complemented and enhanced by other Registers, all created and managed by InfoCamere, such as, for example, the Registers of Protests and Patents and Trademarks, and the Rolls for licensed practitioners.


Services available

In order to optimise the management and consultation of the Chamber of Commerce databases, InfoCamere  offers not only information Consultation and Analysis services, but also services allowing direct access to the databases. By offering these direct access services, InfoCamere has become a real Hub for the dissemination of information held by the chambers.

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InfoCamere is entrusted to  preparing, organising and managing a national IT system able to process and distribute, also to third parties, documents and information on all listed businesses that according to the law constitute legal publicity or notification publicity or that anyway come from registers, rolls, lists and volumes kept by the Chambers.  
Operators interested to connect  to the Chambers’ Databases may gain access to such  documents and data by signing the Contract for Access to the Chambers of Commerce Databases.

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