It is easy for businesses, professionals and members of the public to consult the databases of the Chamber system by connecting to the virtual help-desk of the Italian Chambers of Commerce at, or by contacting one of the Official Distributors with which InfoCamere has a contractual arrangement. The company has also, still on behalf of the Chambers of Commerce, developed ad hoc services for the consultation of chamber data by the Public Authorities. All of this is free of charge, as required under article 50 of the CAD, with the exception of fees for electronic procurement and value added services.

Access and analysis for professionals and the public

The portal and the services for Distributors created by InfoCamere play an important part in providing easy, fast and uniform access to economic data.

The Italian Chambers of Commerce portal

By using the portal, you can obtain information, free of charge, on all companies listed in the Business Register (name, legal form, registered office, type of activity) and request any further details or specific documents you may require - balance sheets, articles of association, information on members and directors, date of formation and registered capital, tax code, corporate organs, powers of attorney, etc. - at very low cost. The site also gives access to the Register of Protests, the Patents and Trademarks database and the European Business Registers (EBR), containing information on around 18 million businesses in 26 European countries). All of this is achievable through fast processes that make it possible to obtain specific information without even needing to register with the service.

The portal also makes it possible to send a number of electronic files to the Chambers of Commerce, including the Single Communication concerning the activity of the business (recognised also by the Inland Revenue, INPS, INAIL and the Register of Craftsmen) and balance sheets, which since 2010 have been filed in the new live XBRL format.

To make the service easier to use, the portal offers specific information on a company (search of standard or past records, financial accounts, articles of association) without the need to register for the service (although registration is a quick and easy process). In addition to the information in text format, you can also obtain a visual graphic representation of the data requested, or monitor a whole set of selected companies.

Finally, it is possible to obtain lists of companies selected using a combination of one or more search parameters (geographic location, legal form, business sector), to search for companies (according to products and services offered), and to display these companies within area maps of Italy.

Access and analysis for Official Distributors

The online access service to the information held in the databases of the Chambers of Commerce, provided by InfoCamere for the Official Distributors, is called Telemaco (see video).

Telemaco can be used to obtain information on all businesses and persons present in the Business Register. It allows the user to make online searches of standard or historical records, the balance sheets of all companies and business documentation. It therefore allows one to discover the entire life story, from birth, of any business - the history of transfers of ownership, registered offices, past and current members, directors, and persons who hold or have held an office within the business. Using Telemaco, it is also possible to access both the Register of Protests - to check whether any cheques and bills of exchange have been protested in Italy, during the previous five years, against individuals or companies - and also the database of Patents and Trademarks, to find public data on industrial property applications.

Thanks to continuous technological progress, Telemaco (see video) is now able to offer - alongside the traditional means of consulting the data in the Business Register - new services for integrated access to information, allowing faster and more immediate reading of the official data:

  • the Navigation between Searches, which allows you to go from the economic data of a business to the personal details of its officers
  •, the service for monitoring businesses of interest and promptly receiving email alerts of all changes and updates
  • ri.visual, the innovative means for viewing the relationships between businesses and individuals in graphic form
  •, with which it is possible to obtain lists of businesses grouped, for example, by geographic location, legal form and business sector.

Access and analysis for Public Authorities

Over time, InfoCamere has become increasingly committed to supplying the central and local Public Authorities with new tools for administrative transparency and analysis of the composition of the Italian business world. Research and analysis web services have been developed for this purpose, allowing data to be extracted and processed in a variety of ways, to meet the diverse information needs of each administrative body. InfoCamere already supplies these services to more than one thousand local authorities, both central and local.



The Stability Act of 2012 has enshrined the principle of "decertification", or in other words the prohibition on Public Authorities from requiring businesses, professionals and members of the public to provide certification of information already in the possession of other Public Authorities. Therefore, as from January 2012, certificates issued by Public Authorities (in relation to status, personal characteristics and facts) are valid and usable only between private individuals, whereas public bodies must obtain any information in the possession of other Public Authorities themselves.

For the purpose of complying with this statute, InfoCamere has created, on behalf of the Chambers of Commerce, the VerifichePA portal, which the Public Authorities can use to check the accuracy of the declarations they receive, in stead of certificates, from businesses and individuals, in relation to data contained in Chamber of Commerce Registers.


Consultation and analysis

For Public Authorities, as for the Official Distributors, the tool used for gaining online access to the data held by the Chambers of Commerce is once again Telemaco, but in this case it includes services of specific relevance to public bodies, providing, among other things, an effective tool in the fight against white-collar crime.

Telemaco also makes it possible to:

• carry out the checks required by the Public Contracts Code (Legislative Decree number 163/2006), for example checking that a business is registered with the Chamber of Commerce, identifying its legal representative and its directors
• checking that requirements for tax relief or business loans are met.

Company registration report