National Services Card (CNS) - digital signature

InfoCamere has created the National Services Card (CNS) used by the Chambers of Commerce. The CNS is a tool shared by all Public Authorities and used for accessing the e-gov services. In specific terms, the CNS used by the Chambers of Commerce offers two services:

  • digital signature
  • authentication on the Internet.

The digital signature function has the same validity as a handwritten signature. It allows electronic documents to be executed without the need to print and "physically" sign them, so that they can be sent by email. Using the authentication on the Internet function, the CNS allows the user to be positively identified over the Internet.

To find out more about the functionalities of the CNS cards used by the Chambers of Commerce, and to find out how to apply for one, watch the video, download the brochure or visit the website


Tachograph Cards

With the introduction of the digital tachograph, road transport companies have become required to install these recording devices in order to monitor the activities of most road vehicles used for transporting people or goods. The Chambers of Commerce are responsible for issuing the tachograph card (Ministerial Decree number 361 of 31 October 2003). Through InfoCamere, they issue, renew and replace the Card throughout its entire life cycle. Four types of card are issued:

  • Driver's Card: this is the personal card belonging to the driver of the vehicle
  • Company Card: this is the card of the company owning the vehicle
  • Repair Shop Card: this is the card of the repair shop authorised to work on digital tachographs
  • Control Card: this is the card used by the Police

Digital signature