The services concerned with information management and simplification and innovation require a high standard of technological support and complex organisational processes. The correct operation of these internal activities of the Chamber system is reflected in the quality of the services offered by the Chambers of Commerce to businesses, Public Authorities and professionals. For this reason, InfoCamere makes it a high priority to organise and manage the internal processes of the Chambers of Commerce, developing computerised services in support of their back office functions.


Paper-Free Services

Eliminating paper documents is one of the simplification objectives that InfoCamere has been pursuing for some time, and it is reflected in all of the support services offered by the Company to the Chambers of Commerce. These include, for example, all of the management tools for the Business Register, which allow the Chambers of Commerce to regulate the operational flows in relation to specific functions, such as: Environment and Agriculture, Foreign Trade and Market Regulation, Business Grants, and Rolls and Registers.


Managerial Services

In order to deliver efficient services, it is essential to ensure that the internal operations of each Chamber of Commerce are fast and smooth. For this reason, InfoCamere makes available to the Chambers of Commerce a range of administrative services for personnel and accounting management, strategic planning and management control, for the monitoring and updating of the annual subscriptions database, and for overseeing the procedure of submitting files to the Chamber of Commerce Penalties Office.


Infrastructure Services

InfoCamere has developed and manages Ic Rete - the national network of the Chambers of Commerce - and also the local networks of the Chamber system. In order to ensure the connectivity of the system itself, InfoCamere also provides information security services, technical support and maintenance services and multimedia systems, so that the Chambers can be permanently connected to one another and to the other entities with which they interact.

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