InfoCamere, the IT consortium of the Italian Chambers of Commerce, is entrusted with the task of preparing, organising and managing a national IT system that is able to process and distribute, in real time, documents and information pertaining to businesses. According to the law, this content must be subject to legal disclosure or notification, or must anyway come from the official registers, rolls, lists and records held by the Chambers.  
Operators interested in accessing the Chambers’ databases can gain access to these documents and information by signing the Access Agreement for the Italian Chambers of Commerce Databases with InfoCamere, allowing for the creation of a direct interface between their IT system and the national IT system.
This section of the website provides all relevant information and steps to follow in order to enter into this agreement.
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Access Agreement for the Italian Chambers of Commerce Databases

The Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions for business information providers to access the Italian Chambers of Commerce databases. The subject of the agreement is the extraction of the information listed in Tables A and B of the decrees issued by the (Italian) Ministry of Economic Development on 17th July 2012 and 2nd December 2009, respectively.
Information can be extracted in the following formats:

  • read-only documents (PDF and HTML)
  • e-format re- processable (XML, XBRL)

There are two possible ways to access the databases:

  • online
  • automated (B2B) and in batch format

By signing the Agreement, the operator will also become entitled to:

  • distribute the official documents to third parties (art. 5 of the Access Agreement)
  • re-use the data in its own commercial products (art. 6 of the Access Agreement)

The Agreement also allows the Operator:

  • to make the official online filing service available to its customers, allowing them to send company registrations, amendments, cancellations and financial statements directly to the national Chamber of Commerce IT system (Procedures Addendum);
  • to access the EBR (European Business Register) Network, allowing them to search European Business Registers in more than 23 countries (EBR Addendum).

Download the Access Agreement for the Italian Chambers of Commerce Databases


For further information:

Il contratto regola le condizioni di accesso alle Banche Dati di pertinenza delle Camere di Commercio ed ha per oggetto l’estrazione da parte dell’Operatore dei contenuti informativi individuati dalle Tabelle A e B  dei Decreti del Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico del 17 luglio 2012 e del 2 dicembre 2009.
I contenuti informativi possono essere estratti come:

  • Prospetti in formato non elaborabile (PDF e HTML)
  • Dati  in formato elaborabile (XML, XBRL).

Il collegamento alle Banche Dati può avvenire in due diverse modalità:

  • web internet
  • automatizzato (B2B) e in forma massiva.

L’operatore che sottoscrive il Contratto acquisirà inoltre il diritto di:

  • Distribuire a terzi i prospetti ufficiali (art. 5 Contratto di Accesso);
  • Riutilizzare i dati all’interno di propri prodotti commerciali (art. 6 Contratto di Accesso);

Il Contratto consente inoltre:

  • di rendere disponibili i servizi di invio Pratiche di iscrizione, modifica, cancellazione e deposito al sistema informatico nazionale delle Camere di Commercio (Addendum Pratiche);
  • di accedere alla Piattaforma EBR Network (European Business Register) che consente l’interrogazione dei Registri Europei di oltre 23 paesi (Addendum EBR).

Scarica il Contratto di Accesso alle Banche dati di pertinenza delle Camere di Commercio


Per ulteiori informazioni:

Who can applay

Any Operator who meets the following requirements:

  • entry in the Italian Business Register
  • absence of outstanding bankruptcy procedures on the date of Access Contract subscription
  • absence of prohibition causes pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 159/2011 and subsequent amendments and supplements (so called “Antimafia Code”);
  • absence of serious breaches, definitively ascertained,of the safety in the workplace regulations and every other obligation deriving from the work relationship
  • absence of serious breaches, definitively ascertained, of the obligations to pay duty and taxes in accordance with the regulations in force
  • absence of serious breaches, definitively ascertained, of regulations regarding social security and welfare contributions in accordance with the regulations in force
  • possession of all the authorizations and requisites required by the regulations in force for the lawful conduct of one’s business.  

How to apply? 

1. Any Operators wishing to enter into the Agreement must:

  • send a formal request to InfoCamere S.C.p.A via certified email, addressing it to:
  • attach a presentation to the certified email, providing information on their business activity and financial standing

2. InfoCamere will then contact the Operator as quickly as possible:

  • providing and explaining the complete set of contractual documentation
  • specifying the further steps necessary in order to complete the Agreement.

3. Should the Operator decide to sign the Agreement, when the latter is drawn-up, they must:

  • provide a bank guarantee (or pay a deposit) of Euro 10,000.